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The Present Age Of The Computer And The Internet

Invented and introduced in 1950s, the computer has become one of the most predominant electronic devices from the field of technology. Computers assist us in probably every known field of human lives, e.g. home, business, schools, government offices, banks, aviation industry, army, security, institutions of higher learning, medical, space research, etc., performing a variety of tasks with accuracy, rapidly and efficiently, which the human mind is unable to carry out! The infinite services provided by the computers are unparalleled in the history of civilization!

Computer technology continues to change our world from the day of its evolution. There are unlimited possibilities to explore computer knowledge and the services it provides us. Since internet began, it has spread tremendous impact particularly in the society and the entire world in general. Think of a topic and Google it online, the information you need is on your finger-tips!

With an alarming rise and popularity in the use of internet, parents can help protect their children online by using various internet filtering techniques. One of the most effective ways is to install blocking software on your computer. They can also take advantage of the parental control features which allows the parents to control the sites that their children visit.

Moreover, the children must be taught basic internet safety tips such as informing you before giving out personal or family information. Computer hackers and online predators are always on the look-out for such data, to harass the youngsters, especially the minors, because they are the most vulnerable ones! Therefore, awareness about internet safety facts for kids is essential to protect your kids from unwanted mean people floating online with fake identities, always ready to victimize youngsters. But taking certain precautionary measures will eventually help prevent the subsequent horrifying circumstances.

We cannot ignore the versatile contribution of Internet and how useful it is. In fact, today the internet is a necessity and its wide pool of data collection helps us get necessary information on any subject "within a wink of an eye."

But it is still a debatable topic whether internet is really good or bad. It is something like if a knife is used to murder somebody, it becomes a dangerous instrument. However, using the same knife to prepare food makes it useful. Thus, as everything has got its negative and positive side, same goes with internet.

Computers are inevitable for everyone n the modern world. Even if somebody cannot afford to buy the latest model, he opts to buy used computer or refurbished laptops. Refurbished means the parts have been replaced properly in used computer, as needed, to make it fully operational. Generally, cheap computers and refurbished laptops are more convenient as they are affordable and cheap. Used computers work excellently and efficiently plus they are also great money-saving devices.

Therefore, internet consists of pros and cons. It absolutely depends upon the user how he uses it, for the betterment or for the destruction. It is said, "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

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