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Dive Computers and Other Gadgets For the Scuba Diving Techie

Technology has always been on the forefront of making human lives much easier. And when it comes to scuba diving, technology has made the experience even more fulfilling than ever. This article presents an overview of the common gadgets used underwater for purposes ranging from a simple check of pressure levels with the cylinder tank to alerting the diver of decompression stops and even for the conduct of underwater research.

  1. Buzzer or Sub Duck is a device connected to your buoyancy compensator that is intended to effectively signal your diving buddies about circumstances of emergency underwater.
  2. Underwater Cameras range from disposable types to really expensive SLR cameras, all dependent on your requirements or preference for use.
  3. Diving Watches are probably one of the more informative gadgets on the planet with this piece of scuba equipment being designed to advise the diver of the time, date, temperature, altitude and nitrox levels, among other useful info.
  4. Dive Computers may seem like a specialized pressure gauge to non-divers. But more than displaying pertinent dive information, this gadget generally serves as a decompression meter. A programmable device, the dive computer allows the diver to program a safe ascent based on the measures of depth and time spent underwater.
More specialized dive computers likewise check the nitrogen levels present in the diver's body which is essential in preventing decompression sickness. Likewise, this would be a critical factor in determining the decompression requirements upon ascent and is more reliable than dive tables in the context of calculations. Consequently, it would benefit a diver to select a user-friendly dive computer that features conveniently spaced keys and one that allows the upload of diving data to a personal computer. If you're looking for a high-performance dive computer that will prove to be an efficient decompression tool, here are some features that would be of interest to you.

  • Visibility is a critical factor in every scuba diving activity. That's why getting a dive computer with over-sized digits is a foremost criteria. As you plan your ascent and configure decompression stops, you will need a good read of the vital numbers.
  • A dive computer is a useful device indeed, but it could spell out a lot of trouble if the diver forgets to turn it on as soon as he hits the water. An automatic activation feature will prove to be a very important feature that will save the diver a lot of decompression hassles.
  • Missing decompression stops could risk the life of the diver to the symptoms and ill effects of decompression sickness. Nonetheless, the diver might get hooked with the beauty of underwater life to forget even the conduct of a safety stop at a depth of 20 feet. An automatic alert for a safety stop outfitted into a dive computer will prove to be a very useful, life-saving feature.
You'll find these safety features bundled in the Aeris XR-2 Dive Computer [http://www.scubasuppliers.com/site/1408308/product/10.2610] that has been produced using DSAT engineering for its decompression algorithm while configured for use in both 'air' or 'nitrox settings.

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