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What Are Some Disadvantages of 32 Bit Computers?

Today with computers you have the option of running a 32 or a 64 bit system. Most modern operating systems give you the choice to run either one depending on the hardware that you are running in your computer. What are some disadvantages of staying with a 32 bit system?

One of the biggest limitations that most find when running a 32 bit processor is that there is this artificial cap of 3 gigabytes of RAM. For one reason or another this cap was made long ago not realizing that it would in the short future become a problem for many users. Some are not aware of it, but at times people have 4 or more gigabytes of RAM but their 32 bit system can really only be using 3 of these at any time. If you want to be able to have more RAM, you need to run a 64 bit system.

Another disadvantage is overall speed. When there is a program that is made for by types of systems, it will always run better on the 64 bit version. This is because it's better in terms of speed. For many applications that are already out this does not matter because they were specifically programmed for a 32 bit machine. In the future though as programs come out with newer versions, this speed issue will become much more important.

Does this mean you need to buy a 64 bit system right now?

Even though there are some disadvantages with the older 32 bit technology there is no reason to immediately buy a 64 bit one. The reason is because most of your computer's applications aren't taking advantage of the potentially more speed. At times on a new 64 bit system you can have some compatibility issues that you have to overcome. In the next few years, your next natural upgrade will be 64 bit and the software will have finally caught up with the hardware.

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