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Grandparents and Technology

When we look at the world around us, we see so many almost unbelievable structures which were created by man. High rise office buildings and magnificent houses are marvels to see. Roads and bridges are remarkable. Magnificent old buildings and monuments are astonishing and beautiful. There are numerous mind-boggling sites to behold, some of which have been around for hundreds of years.

Yet one of the most amazing of all creations is the relatively new technology of this modern age. Computers have come a long way since their inception and are being constantly improved. Laptop computers, with all their varieties and variations, have taken over the world. Cell phones and all the new handheld devices perform almost every function imaginable. Cell phones and computers are able to supply all kinds of information on news, weather, restaurant locations, movie times, and places to visit. GPS systems tell you how to get anywhere you want to go. Cameras now take photos without film, and pictures are available immediately.

Incredible technology is everywhere. The true geniuses who are creating all this magnificent technology should be thanked and appreciated. Skilled engineers and inventors have been making staggering discoveries and products for generations. Now many of the real innovators in technology are young people who may have dropped out of college. Their minds were probably racing too fast to sit in a classroom listening to a teacher lecture.

Although some senior citizens, the older grandparents of today, have resisted embracing all the technology, most now use at least some of it everyday. Even elderly people are regularly checking the internet and sending emails to keep in touch with family, grandchildren, and friends. When hearing is impaired and talking on the telephone is difficult, the emails work very well. They are a way to communicate quickly and efficiently. People are enjoying staying connected through the avenues of technology.

Many grandparents are even into all or some of the social media sites which are available. Besides having email accounts which they use often, Grandparents are tweeting and using Facebook. They are sending photos and are able to see instant photos of their grandchildren.

Senior citizens who resisted using cell phones now find them a necessity for feeling secure and safe especially when they go out. They are now reachable, and they can call someone in case of an emergency. Older people have problems arise more readily than their younger counterparts, and having a cell phone is advisable. Free cell phones and service are available in some areas for senior citizens or others who may have limited income and cannot afford a regular cell phone.

Technology is amazing, and we can all take advantage of it no matter what age.

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