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Discontinued Computers and Accessories - The Key to Surviving a Weak Economy

Your business needs IT equipment to function, but you also need to save money in today's tough economy. Discontinued computers and accessories can help you carry out IT upgrades for less.

The discontinued computers and accessories market is based on two key concepts - platform maintenance and appropriate technology. These concepts are especially important in times of economic retrenchment.

Platform maintenance is the idea of keeping your existing equipment longer, even if it is discontinued by the manufacturer. By extending the life of your existing systems, you can reduce or eliminate the costs for new equipment.

The concept of appropriate technology is based on a single idea - most users do not need brand new equipment to perform their work. Instead of buying the latest upgrade, you can wait until the product has matured and the price starts to drop. You can even wait until a product has been discontinued. You can still get a top-notch machine, but you'll get it at a fraction of the price. And there is no need to worry about buying something that has been taken off the market. Many manufacturers support their equipment for a period of time after it has been discontinued. Some, like IBM, Lenovo and Toshiba, have arrangements with secondary market vendors to sell their discontinued parts and equipment.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use discontinued computers and accessories to extend the life of your current IT infrastructure.

Buy new after a product is removed from the market. According to some estimates, you could save upwards of 60% on the cost of a new computer if you buy later in the product's life cycle. Considering that most hardware manufacturers turn over equipment every six to nine months, buying between nine months and a year after a computer's initial launch can save you a bundle.

Search the secondary market for discontinued computers and accessories. You are bound to find the parts you are looking for to upgrade your current hardware. Even in good economic times it makes little sense to get rid of a computer or server just because it is a little older. A memory or hard drive upgrade may be all it takes to boost the machine's performance.

Buying discontinued computers allows you to expand your current hardware base and keep your existing platform for longer. Add to your network with a compatible, discontinued server instead of having to perform a costly upgrade.

Improvise! Resourceful IT people can work wonders with the right parts and accessories. Sellers of discontinued parts offer a veritable treasure trove for the techies in your office.

Saving money in your IT budget is easier than you think. When you need to upgrade or expand, don't shop new. Start with discontinued computers and accessories and see how far a little cash can go.

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